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Day Training in Daycare

A revolutionary approach that brings you back to the reason you got a dog to begin with: companionship, love and affection. 

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What We Offer

Games-based dog training is a solution-focused approach, targeting the WHY behind your dog's behavior, rather than suppressing the symptoms, leading to a truly remarkable behavior transformation. We work on reshaping your dog's brain through the power of games. We also ask that you continue to play those games at home with your dog as well. 
In this environment we take our time and really work in increments of skill levels with the dog.

We have thrown a lot of traditional training out the door, as training evolves our concepts do as well. 
Some of the struggles we see: barking, pulling, reactivity and jumping. We figure out what game/  skills they would benefit to help balance and work on the behavior and brain while building confidence, calmness, and a responsive dog. 

We ask to focus on solutions instead of the problem and manage the unwanted behavior to help the dog learn a new skill set. This time frame depends on the work the owner puts into this, how frequent the dog comes in, how responsive and motivated each dog is, and how long the behavior was rehearsed to begin with.

We have seen from experience that most owners want the problem to stop quick: barking, pulling, chewing, etc. They often seek trainers that will promise the behavior change in 2 weeks or less. Our question to you, How do they know? Each dog is different with their own personality, likes, dislikes, temperament, stress level. Most training is done with abrasive measure and harsh technique and while it may stop the behavior quicker, it may damage the relationship your hoping to gain with your dog. 

Yes, we do work on basic skills as well, but we try to go beyond the sit, down, recall aspect of training. We build a relationship with each dog in our program, they learn to trust and listen to us, and we train for situations that you struggle with.
We work on helping your dog to empty their stress bucket, make better choices and be a more calm dog, All why having a blast.

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Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
No Weekends 

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