Dog Grooming By Marie| Prices Start at $50

Do you need your dog groomed early in the day? This is the groomer for you! Marie has 20 years of experience in the grooming field. She can do all different breeds!   
Call to schedule an appointment! Please specify that you would like a groom( which is a hair cut all over the body no matter how long or short the cut) 

Grooming Available by Appointment Only: Monday through Friday 7am to 11am

Please be advised that you should book your next appointment before your dog actually needs a groom to ensure that you are taken care of in a time frame suitable to you. 


Please be specific when telling the staff what you want done, clean feet, puppy cut, teddy bear cut, a little trim, half off, These are all phrase that are not clear on what you actually want the outcome to be. Give more description i.e., leave 2 inches of hair all over, or take 2 inches off the body, etc. 

Grooming is a process. They are bathed, and dried completely. Then they are groomed in order of the appointment times.