Day Training

Would you like your dogs to be calm, more relaxed and responsive? Would you like to set them up for success? If the answer to all these questions are “Yes!, consider the training at Fat Cat's!

Day Training is offered Monday thru Thursday 8:00am to 4:30pm 

Day Play is offered Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Excludes weekend and Holidays

How to get started

If you are new to Fat Cat's then click the New Client Training Button button to fill out and upload the necessary info. You will need: proof of vaccines (uploaded into the profile you create), You will also need to fill out and print or email the Day Training questionnaire, and the Day Play Wavier. Schedule a time for an evaluation (which is the first training day). Once you have created an account you will be able to log in to the portal anytime with your username and password and request an appointment for training or play. You will receive confirmation when your request is reviewed and approved.  You are not required to put in your credit card information. You will still pay for services in house. Anytime there is new  information to add to your profile for training and play you can log in with the username you created. 

Day Training- Drop off starts 7:30 am for the day. Training is done throughout the day.  Training is done in short increments throughout the day along with fun games and play. All dogs learn different. There is no set time or skill demands for this training program. The goal is a well rounded socialized dog that learns to play well, and listen to basic commands. 

Daily Rate: $35 per day per dog 

Training Package: $175 for a 5-pack training session and receive 2 day play free.

Training/Play combo pack: $800 for 16-Day Training and 24-Day Play.

14-Day Board and Training plus 4 Day Training Sessions-  This program is 14- days of board and train, following the completion of the training you schedule 4 additional day training sessions for refresher training. Must provide your own food. The "Full Meal Deal" of our training program. We not only teach as many words on the word list, but also additional skills are added to the program. We will also address any specific issues you are having with your dog, from aggression to house training. Your dog will be taken on field trips as needed. Friendly dogs will get to play with other training dogs in our play session. The dog with aggression towards other dogs will get time outside to play with staff. This program consist of 14-full board and train days, (the day of drop off and pick up count). the remaining 4 days are either Board and Train or Day Training, whichever the trainer and you decide. You drop and pick up the dog, during normal business hours. You must also schedule a call to speak with the trainer first. No training over Holidays.

Program Price: $910

Daily Rate: $55 per day Plus 4 Day Training Sessions

Dog Listening

The most important layer of success is the foundation! We are all too aware that without a strong, solid foundation, additional layers can crumble and sway. The foundation you develop and grow is important to you and your dog’s transformation.

It is time to strip the labels that have been assigned to your dog and throw them away. 

Training and socialization at Fat Cat's is the cornerstones of a positive dog-parenting experience. In our years of research, we’ve discovered that a combination of obedience training  and play is the key to a positive dog-parenting experience. 

Our dog training professionals embrace our reward-based  pawlosophy that focuses on fun and positive reinforcement. Every interaction with your dog should be fun. Think back to why you got the dog in the first place and let us help you achieve the dream of having a nice, balanced, optimistic dog! Our training encourage stronger relationships and build a foundation for good canine citizenship to develop happy, social and well-rounded dogs.

Some of our training includes:

  • Foundation skills

  • Ditching your Bowl

  • Building the Relationship with you and your dog

  • Disengagement

  • Boundaries

  • House Manners

  • Leash Skills

Smart Dog

Our Training Philosophy

  • We follow two Golden Rules.
    Golden Rule #1: Reward what you want. 
    Golden Rule #2: Keep it fun, ALWAYS!

  • Have Fun and build the relationship with your dog. Let every interaction that you have be rewarding for your dog. 

  • Training is life long, one step at a time and a new way of life. 


  • Promotes calmness and relaxation. It rewards not just desired behaviors (e.g.: sit, down, stay, leave that other dog alone…), but also the state of mind we desire (relaxed) and the energy we desire (calm). An understanding of energy—basic levels of it, how to direct it to our advantage, what to do with too much of it and how to recognize different types—is absolutely vital if you wish to get the best from any dog. Knowing how to engage and direct him, how to match your response to his behavior, and how to bring out his best in groups all require an understanding of energy. Identifying the energy level and state of mind underlying our dogs’ behaviors allows us to address the problems involved and not just the symptoms

  • Promotes good “follow–ship.” It is always less stressful for dogs to be the followers of calm, clear, confident and consistent decision–makers than it is for them to be the decision–makers (especially when they may not make the best of decisions). Most dogs are followers by nature. In any situation, given a calm and confident decision–maker who provides for their needs, they will gladly follow. 

  • Canine–intuitive. Taking a more canine–centric than human-centric approach. Fat Cat's along with Manners PUPlease honors the way dogs think and the way they communicate with each other. Body language is really the name of the game. Dogs express themselves clearly through their posture, positions, movement and energy. They read our posture and the positions we take, plus how we use movement and the energy we project…and they interpret them in the unique context of their species. With dogs, it is not so much what you say but how you say it.

  • Uses good routines. Routines and small rituals are important to dogs, and in almost any environment, good ones can help them thrive while problematic ones set them up for stress and failure. Spending a little extra time up front to establish thoughtful routines saves time and prevents issues later, in a positive and very practical way, at Fat Cat's as well as in households. How do you know when a dog’s behavior reflects a routine or a ritual, either his or your own? A good hint is when you describe him as “always” doing something, for better or worse, in a particular manner. Changing behaviors you don’t want into behaviors you love can be easy when you change bad routines into better ones.

  • Works moment–by–moment. (No lesson plans needed.) Moment to moment is how you practice training, both in a facility and home, not simply at a set time on a given day in a given environment. It will help you to get your timing right, and it will help you move on when bumps in the road occur (everyone experiences them.) You might even start to view certain problems as challenges you are ready to surpass.