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Doggie Daycare 

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Welcome to your dogs new destination for fun! You will be amazed at the excitement your dog has when pulling in the parking lot to come see us. 

Dogs are social creature and if they could talk, I am sure they would tell you they want to come here for play, train or both!

If your dog is barking mad, jumping with excitement when you come home, they just might be telling you they need something else to do during the day. Dogs are social creatures and this is a great place to have a safe healthy social life!

Schedule a temperament test and find out if we are the right fit for your dogs social activity. 

Note: Not all dogs are a good fit for our daycare program. A temperament test does not guarantee entry into our program. Several factors play a part in a "No Pass" test: Obsessive or uncontrollable barking, Higher than normal anxiety, destructive behavior to property, possible they will harm their self if left alone (nosing, chewing, jumping), food and or toy aggression, excessive mounting, aggression to other dogs or people. 

We do things different 

A dog becomes more of what they practice!

We allow rest periods mixed with group play and enrichment exercise for all of our daycare clients. We practice behaving in a group and monitor our dogs play closely to ensure dogs are not bullied or ganged up on. 

We strive to have fun while helping our dogs to remain calm and polite. 

Hours of Operation

Temperament testing clientswill be placed on a wait list.We will reach out toschedule as soon as we haveavailablity.

Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
No Weekends 

Space is limited you must make an appointment via portal or petexec mobile app. If you are unsure about your appointment or scheduling please call before showing up. Online booking needs to be at least 24 hours in advance. Weekend requests will not be seen until Monday morning. 

You must wait for a confirmation email before showing up. 

All Daycare dogs (training or play) must be scheduled in advance for a temperament test before being aloud to attend daycare.





Temperament test are $35 per dog. The test last all day, so you would drop off  between 7:30 to 9 am in the morning and pick up between 2 to 3:30pm. You cannot schedule a temperament test while dropping off for boarding. 

We do not conduct temperament test while boarding. Your dog will not be able to attend a play group while boarding unless the are REGULAR members of daycare, (twice a month).
Daycare is only conducted on the weekdays, so there is no daycare on the weekends. Any dog that has had a temperament test and does not attend daycare regularly will not be allowed to play in daycare. We consider regular a minimum of two sessions a month. 

If you had a temperament test for your dog in the past and then did not return to daycare then we will need conduct another test, however, if it is just to have them come while boarding we suggest having yard time instead as we will not conduct a temperament test repeatedly for clients that do not plan on being regular clients in daycare. 
This is to help prevent issues as new dogs come and go. 
If you are looking for a place for your dog to stay for the day we do offer day board and day board with yard (please note this is not the daycare program), please see our Daycare FAQ.

Pricing and Packages

Daily Rates:

Temperament Test $35 per dog

Day Play: $25 per dog

Day Train: $35 per dog

Training Packages

7 pack- 5 Training Sessions and 2 Play Sessions $175

15 pack-10 Training Sessions and 5 Play $350 Sessions

15 pack- 15 Training Session $400

42 pack- 22 Training and 20 Play Sessions $900

Bark Brigade Membership

Monthly $18

Quarterly $40

Yearly $140

This is in addition to daily rate

Play Packages

10 Play Sessions $200

30 Play Sessions $540

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