Extra Extra"Treat" all About it!

Yard Time

$10.00 per 15 minutes

Your dog will will have personalized one on one yard time with a handler, to help prevent boredom and frustration and expel some of that pinned up energy.

Stuffed Hoof


This pup pleaser is a winner in all the power chewers eyes. Filled with peanut butter and frozen, what they don't eat, you take home!

Frozen Kong Brain Puzzler


Frozen KONG with whipped Peanut Butter and treats to mentally engage your dogs brain. Dogs thrive with small amounts of interactive play, and stimulation throughout the day one of which is a puzzle treat.

PUPscicle Treats


Fozen PUPscicle with chicken/beef broth, hot dog, and milk bone treat.

Add Mental Exercise to your Dogs Boarding Routine

$5.00 & $10.00

 5 minute walk..........$5.00

15 minute walk..........$10.00

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