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Our Services

We understand life can be busy and complicated, which is why we provide a variety of services to make things easier on you and your furry family. Take a look below to see what we offer and contact us with any questions.

Our services include:

  • Dog Boarding

  • Cat Boarding

  • Dog and Cat Grooming and Bathing 

  • Day Care

  • Day Training 

  • Pet Taxi

Requirements for all Services

  • Vaccinations are required prior to your dogs appointment for any service.

    • CATS-Rabies, Distemper and strongly recommend of Feline Leukemia

    • DOGS- Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (kennel cough) every 6 months. We strongly recommend the Bivalent flu vaccine (2-part shot)

  • Vet recommended flea & tick prevention

  • All information updated in the pet exec system. (Problems logging in? Call or email us, please do not create a new client page if you have been an existing client, we will help you)

Impermissible Items While Boarding 

  • Dog beds 

  • Rawhide bones 

  • Rawhide treats of any kind

  • Big Chew bones that break and splinter

These items are safety issues and concerns for the safety of your dog and the neighboring dogs. 

Dog Boarding Services | Starting at $30/Night

Fat Cats is dedicated to providing your furry friend the top level of care throughout each and every service. We understand that most of our clients have more than one dog and we offer a multi dog discount. 

Boarding fee is charged by night.

Boarding Dog One: $30 per night for the first dog

Boarding Dog Two: $28 per night for the second dog

Boarding Dog Three: $25 per night for the third dog and any additional dog after that will also be $22 per night 

We offer a discount of 10% off boarding when you board 10 or more nights. 

NOTE: There is a $10 additional daily fee for dogs that require insulin injections while boarding.  

Dog Boarding Includes:

  • Feed Science Diet 2x a day (Small Bites) 

  • Will mix in yogurt to help settle sensitive stomachs

  • Each dog is given their own Kuranda bed  

  • Toys, blankets, and other fun items will be provided for your pet

  • Dogs have 5x5 indoor/outdoor runs

  • The outdoor runs are covered

There are several add-ons for purchase in addition to boarding: yard time, walks, special treats, bath, etc. 

Cat Boarding Services | Starting at $20/Night

As a knowledgeable Cat Boarder we give your pet the best care possible. Depending on their needs, we can make sure they get all the attention they deserve.

We understand that most of our clients have more than one cat and we offer a multi cat discount. 

Boarding fee is charged by night.

Boarding Cat One: $20 per night for the first cat

Boarding Cat Two: $18 per night for the second cat

Additional Discounts: We offer a discount of 10% off boarding when you board 10 or more days. 

Cat Boarding Includes:

  • Science Diet dry cat food 

  • Individual separate space for our feline guests

  • Toys and other fun items will be provided for your cat

The Answers You Need

Q: Can I bring my dogs bed?

A: We strongly discourage this as it is a safety and sanitizing issue.  Keep in mind that beds may be chewed on or ripped up. We do provide raised beds. 

Q: What kind of food do you provide?

A:We feed Dry Science Diet for dogs and cats. We will put a spoon of yogurt.

Q: Can we bring our own dogs food?

A:You may bring your dogs food. It must be in a sturdy, sealed container per state regulation.  

Please make sure when bringing items they are marked.

Q: Do you board dogs that are have not be spayed and neutered? 

A: Intact (not spayed or neutered) male and female dogs can board, however, If they mark or go into heat while boarding you will be charged a depart bath in addition to boarding.

Q: My dog does not like other dogs, can they still board?

A: Yes they can. No dogs will be allowed or boarded together unless they are in the same family. 

Q: What happens if I forget to pick up my pets items?

A: You can call and come back and get those items. Please try and check the cart in the lobby when picking up. Most items are on that cart. After 30 days the items will be disposed of. 

Q: What happens if I run late picking my pet up? 

A: You will be able to pick your pet up during business hours the next business day. 

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