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Daycare FAQ

Q: How do I schedule a temperament test?
A: There are a couple ways to schedule training. You may call us and schedule a temperament test.

You can click the link New Client Portal and create a profile and request a day training service. If you are an existing client you would need to call so we can create a log in for you.  

Q: Do packages expire?

A: We have several packages: Day board w/Yard package does not expire.  The play and combo play and train packages expire after 1 year. 

Q: Does my dog need a Temperament test? 

A: Yes. All dogs complete a temperament test before being allowed into the program. Temperament test can be scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week.

Q: I use to have my dog here over a year ago, and want to come back, do I need another temperament test?

A: Yes, you would need to schedule another temperament test. A lot of things change within the time they are away and our most important concern is the safety of all pets including yours. 

Q: What do I bring for Daycare?

A: Please bring a little of your dogs food or a few treats in a marked bag for a naptime snack as they relax.

Q: Can my dog come if they have had dog aggression issues?

A: No, dogs with a history of dog aggression will not be allowed to play in group play.

Q: Can I schedule training/play online? 
A: Yes, you can schedule training, play and day board online via the portal. We prefer that daycare is scheduled this way with 24- hour notice. 

Q: After I request a training or play appointment do I need to do anything else?
A: Yes, you need to request 24 hours in advance and wait for a confirmation back. You can always call and make sure your dog is scheduled, especially if you weren't able to request 24 hours in advance.

Q: Do I have to make an appointment 24 hours in advance to be able to bring my dog for training or play?
A: No, however sometimes it takes up to 12 hours for us to see a request. After we see the request, we send a confirmation that the appointment is made. You can also call the morning of to see if there are any openings.

Q: What does training consist of? 
A: Training is preformed in short sessions both individual and in a group of dogs. It is filled with enrichment activities and basic obedience. Training dogs also go out and play throughout the day. Short training/enrichment sessions make training fun and interesting for the dog.

Q:How long does my dog get to play each day?
A: Dogs play between 15 and 45 minutes per session.  We have several sessions throughout the day. Sessions depend on weather. Hot or freezing conditions will warrant many short sessions. The safety of your dogs are the top priority. We try and utilize the 30:30 rule, For every 30 minutes of activity they have 30 minutes of rest.

Q:What vaccines are required for day services? 
A: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella (every 6 months), flea and tick prevention.

Q:How young can a puppy come in and train?
A: Puppies can come in, as soon they are weaned from the mother and has all the required puppy shots and has a clear fecal report. We usually see puppies come in around the 3 month mark. The sooner a puppy does come in the more benefit we see with the life of the dog. Socialization is the number one most important thing you can do for a puppy.

Q: Will you show me things I need to work on at home?
A: Yes as needed and we will make sure that you understand your homework. You can always ask to speak to the trainer. There are also videos on Fat Cat's Facebook page that you can refer to. There are times that report cards will be sent out.

Q: Can my dog come in if it is not spayed or neutered?
A: If they are not of age to be spayed or neutered then yes. If they over the recommended age they will need to be spayed or neutered prior to scheduling a daycare.


Q: Can I schedule a temperament test while board?

A: No, you need to schedule a temperament test before any boarding. We need you to be around if something happens or the dog displays distress. For the safety of the dogs we do not conduct temperament test while boarding.


Q:Is there daycare on the weekends?

A: No, only yard time is conducted on the weekends. Daycare is only conducted Monday through Friday.

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